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We strongly encourage our parishioners to discuss pre-planning with family members. Perhaps you have never given much thought to the matter of burial. A very heavy burden falls upon loved ones if advance arrangements have not been made. Learning the facts about alternative ways of burial calmly and free from the sadness and emotional turmoil brought on by the death of a loved one can help with that burden. The following are reasons why it is wise to buy now rather than wait until a death occurs in the family:

  • Future price protection: Purchases made far in advance of a death in the family offer protection from inflationary price increases that would occur 5, 10, 15 and more years hence.

  • Lessens financial burden at the time of death: by purchasing far in advance, there is one less expense to handle when a death does occur.

  • Freedom from hasty decisions and emotional stress: A pre-need selection by members of a family can be made at a time convenient for them without the haste and emotional stress that occurs at the time of death. 

  • A favor for the family: Pre-need selection by members of a family frees the surviving family members from having to make this decision at the time of death when there are many other decisions to be made under great emotional stress. In effect, pre-need purchasing does the family a favor.

Advanced planning of your burial site is one the most considerate expressions of love that you can give to your family. You are also affirming the Catholic cemetery as the final resting place for future generations.

​As of January 29, 2018, please contact Parish Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh at 412-456-9370 with inquiries. 

Directions to St. Columbkille Cemetery:

1. From the church parking lot, turn right onto Rt. 30 and head WEST six-tenth’s of a mile

2. Turn RIGHT onto Gregg Lane

3. Cemetery entrance is two-tenths of a mile on the LEFT

St. Columbkille Cemetery